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About Our Performances

OK folks,

below are the performance videos from our Spring 2024 Concert Series!!

For your full enjoyment, launch the video and in the lower right corner select the "box icon"
to go "full screen" and view on your computer. 

You may also "cast" the video and watch it on your TV if you have that functionality.


If you wish to share these videos with friends and family, give them our website, have them select the direct  PERFORMANCES tab and suggest a concert or provide them with the YouTube URL.  

Hip hip hooray!!  ENJOY!!  Let us know what you think of this new format...

5280+ Senior Chorales Spring 2024 Concert Series

5280+ Parker Concert
April 14, 2024

5280+ South Suburban Concert
April 26, 2024

5280+ Highlands Ranch Concert
April 27, 2024

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