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Welcome current and prior members, family and friends of the 5280+ Senior Chorales!
We appreciate you taking a few moments to share your perspectives and experiences
to help others understand what our program is all about.

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Comments (4)

Nov 29, 2023

It has been said that "time flies when you're having fun". It's hard for me to believe that I've been singing in the HR 5280+ Chorales for 8 years (not a Charter member, but joining the second half of the first year).

The Chorale once sang, "happiness is anyone and anything at all that's loved by you". To me, happiness is singing in the Chorales! We sing many great songs in the Chorales which has been a wonderful activity for me at this time of my life! I'm grateful for it! I'm grateful for Chorale friends and for learning a lot musically - and having fun doing that! I'm grateful for Brian and Cindy (and Chris and Bonnie) who all give so selflessly of their time and talents - making rehearsals so enjoyable!

I wrote a little seasonal poem about this activity. You may recognize a few borrowed phrases.....

T'was the day of the concert

And all through the hall

The senior singers

Were having a ball.

Their music was folded

On everyone's chair

'Cuz Brian, Cindy, Chris & Bonnie

Soon would be there.

The audience were nestled

All snug in their places

While visions of happiness

Showed on their faces.

The singers got quiet

All ready to start

As Brian & Cindy

Took their places - with heart!

The piano keys twinkled

Under Cindy's good hands.

Brian's heart-felt directing

Was a happy command.

The joy that remains

With the singers ever after

Is to be part of this choir

And sing to the rafter!!!

So, if you'd like to share

In this fun - by and by

Come join us in singing

Come, give it a try.....

In case you haven't guessed it, Clement Moore ended his poem.....

"Happy Christmas to all,

And to all a good night" 😁

B H ❤️

This fall session was my first experience with the 5280 Chorales through South Suburban. I have sung with many chorales and know Cindy, Brian, Chris, and Bonnie are true professionals! The quality of technique and musical instuction, the encouragement with more teaching 🙂, and the friendly organized rehearsals have given the group an elevated choral experience. Because of scheduling issues, I attended rehearsals with the Highlands Ranch and Parker groups and found this to be true of those groups as well. Singing with each of the groups was a seamless experience. With patience and humor a group of people have been worked into a real chorus. They have taken a group of singers with none to lots of singing experience and created musical magic. This past Sunday's concert (11-19-23) at Bethany Lutheran, where there was an overflowing audience, was filled with joy, fun, and warmth emanating from the singers AND the audience. As well as creating music, this team has created true community! Birthdays are celebrated. "Chorale Pals" reach out to each section of singers to make them feel welcome, cared for, and thought about. Potlucks are held so that members may get to know one another. With the political, religious, and social divide that seems to be everywhere today, Cindy, Brian, Chris, and Bonnie have created a space where people have been brought together sharing a common goal and working together to reach that goal. The goodwill created equals the musical magic. Thank you to each of you for what you have given. Pat Klass

I joined the South Suburban Chorale on it's first day and have loved every minute. The choice of music is so varied that you will always find a favorite, mine was our rendition of songs from "Les Miserables". Brian, our conductor, makes sure that we sing correctly but adds humor by remonstrating in German or "The King's English when he needs more fortissimo!! Cindy on piano helps all the different parts from soprano to bass. If you love to sing and socialize this is your group.

Joanne Wille
Joanne Wille
Feb 10, 2023

In December of 2017, I had cervical neck surgery. It all went well, but I could not sing afterwards. As a lifelong singer and choir member, I surely hoped this was not permanent. It took about 9 months to return, a note of range every week. Some friends suggested I join Encore Chorale in the Fall of 2018. I thought it might be a good idea to sing more to get my voice back in shape. I did not know the quality of the music and direction until I arrived. How pleased I was to join a group of like-minded singers. My voice returned and I enjoyed every minute of the music we sang. My husband joined with me once he retired and we are pleased to be part of the 5280+ Senior Chorale.

Joanne Wille

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